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Michiel Keller (28 January 1974) is trained as a cameraman, editor, video designer and journalist.
In addition, he is schooled in giving art workshops due to his training ‘The Artist as a Teacher’.

His films have been shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (winner ‘Filmnet’ scenario price),
Dutch Film Festival (NFF), Split Film Festival (Croatia), Contemporary Festival (Eigentijds Festival),
The One Minutes and the Dutch Dance Festival (Nederlandse Dansdagen).

His photo/film installations were displayed at open air theatre festival ‘Oerol’, Contemporary Festival ‘Eigentijds Festival’,
centre ‘Nieuwe Energie’, Rap Architectural Centre, and Museum the Lakenhal.

His Films have been seen as part of project performances, such as Utopian Nest (Utopisch Nest),
Onno Innemee, Frank van Pamelen and twitter poet Jan J.Pieterse.

Michiel has developed teaching projects for Catch, Pier K, UCK, CBK Rotterdam, Rap, Leiden Library,
Clipcrew, Chatrats and various primary and secondary schools in Leiden, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht.

Watching with your ears: Soundscape Cinema

At this moment and in cooperation with other artists, Michiel is working on a project set up by him called ‘Watching with your ears: Soundscape Cinema'. For this project, the soundscape is made first and after that the film images. 'The Story' is mainly told in sound.
In doing so, he is in search for another sort of watching experience, in which sound dominates the image.


Plastic bags

Stop motion of the creation of the installation 'Plastic Bags' by Pascale Marthine Bayou - Leiden, the Netherlands, 2015.

More info:


Kapsalon Istanbul in Leiden Noord

Impression of barbershop Istanbul in Leiden Noord, The Netherlands. Made for local talkshow 'Stand van de stad' about Leiden Noord.

Also broadcasted on Unity Tv.


repetitie Villeneuf meet Sweelinck Kwartet


Kan Vrijheidsbeperking vrijheid geven?


Operatie gemeenteraadsverkiezingen

Documentary about the local elections in Leiden, the Netherlands. Now the voting is on paper. In the future it will be digital. Which makes the proces much easier.

The film was shown on the Leiden International Filmfestival.



Impression of the artist byFrank working on a piece of his series of artworks called COLORTYPES.


Be your orchestra

Videoclip for the band Villeneuf. They play in het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam.


Leiden Bioscience Park


De Toverlantaarn


Making a film for Pema